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All excursions are done with expert guides in Mercedes Benz Full Sprinter Combis, with snack and beverage services on board.

» Ruins of Quilmes


Ruins of QuilmesPassing the colonial towns of Colalao and Tolambón, get to know one of the most important archaeological sites in Northwest Argentina, also one of the largest settlements of pre-Columbian Argentine territory.

Duration of Tour:: 4 Hs. En vehículo.

» Quebrada de las Conchas o de Cafayate
(known as both the Seashell Ravine and the Cafayate Ravine)

Visit to the Quebrada with an ecological, natural, and geogrpahical vision. Tourists can see different formations and colors which are products of wind and water erosion.

Duration of Tour:: 4 Hs. Done in omni.

Other Options: Going in car, returning on Mtn. Bike
(with support).

» Colonial Villages and Quebrada de las Flechas (Arrow Ravine) along Route 40

Leaving from Cafayate, visiting Animaná, San Carlos (the 2nd oldest town in Argentina), the spectacular Quebrada de las Flechas, Angastaco, Molinos (the 'Mills', a former estate), Seclantas, and Cachi.

Duration of Tour:: All day.

» Loop through the valleys

Excursion through Colonial towns, but returning through Recta de Tintin, Parque Nacional Los Cardones (Natl Cactus Park), Valle Encantado (Enchanted Valley), Quebrada de Escoipe, Valle de Lerma, and Quebrada de Cafayate.

Duration of Tour:: 2 días. 2 days. In car


» Wine Route

Getting to know wineries and vineyards, tasting their high altitude wines, and understanding why the highest altitudes produce the best vines.
In Cafayate you can do wine tastings in 'Boutique Wineries' located at over 1600 meters above sea level, with the best wines from both small and big wineries.

Duration of Tour: 3 to 4 Hs.


Option: Car, Mtn Bike, or Horse


» City Tour - Cafayate

Get to know the beautiful town of Cafayte, home to 12,000 inhabitants, a city framed by colorful hills and surrounded by vineyards. We'll visit the Jesuit flour mill, Yacochuya (the aborigine reserve), the historic center, a winery, and a goat farm where we will see how they make the deliciously fresh goat cheese.

» Artisan Walk

Let us take you to see the incredible pottery, textile, silver, and wood workshops Cafayate has to offer. We go into the homes of the craftsmen and learn about their workshops and one-of-a-kind products.
Duration  3  to 4  Hs.

Contact us for excursions to
La Quebrada de Humahuaca (Jujuy) and Altiplano.


All excursions done with appropriate insurance
and mobile and emergency assistance.

Excursions can also be 'tailored' to fit
the interests of the group.



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