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A possibility to enjoy an incredible excursion hiking along ravines, rivers, and streams, valleys and hills, and presenting those 'adventurers' amongst you with an unforgettable experience and challenge.


For any of these activities it is vital to come dressed in proper attire, such as comfortable trousers and walking shoes (don't forget socks!) - ideally not being used for the first time. It's also necessary to have a great group mentality. Let us take care of the rest!


There are 3 levels of difficulty: easy, intermediate, difficult.
The lower and intmdt. levels are adapted for the whole family, including distances no greater than 6km and requiring minimal physical condition.
The upper level requires hikers to be in good physical condition and have prior experience.

Los trekking de alta dificultad requiere de una buena condición física y experiencia previa.


Trekking to Colorado River (the waterfalls). «Impressive»

Our car leaves early in the morning, heading a few kilometers into the foothills. We then begin to walk along las ruinas diaguitas (ruins of the diaguita tribe) del Divisadero, overlooking terraces and platforms previously used for cultivation, mortars, stone walls, etc. Next we continue alongside el Río Colorado for about 2 or 3 hours (depending on the pace of the group), seeing and stopping at 3 different falls, and eventually making our way back down.


Duration: Aprox 5 hs.

Difficulty: intermediate.

Trekking through La Quebrada de las Conchas or Cafayate.  «Unforgettable»
(known as either the Seashell or Cafayate Ravine)

In car we head about 20 kms from Cafayate towards the ravine, where we begin walking through canyons and gorges, seeing the incredible colors and shapes shapes formed by wind and water erosion.

Duration 5 hs. including transportation.

Difficulty: easy,


* We can also arrange for 1, 2, 3 and 5 day trekking excursions. 

Trekking to Las Ruinas de los Quilmes. 

In car we head from Cafayate about 45 minutes to reach the Ruins of Quilmes. From there we start to ascend el Pucará sur (the south fortress), until we reach the highest point of the ruins where 50 houses were left and in excellent condition. This is where the chief and the ancient tribal council lived and it has a spectacular view of all the ruins and the Calchaquí Valley. We then descend through the el Pucará norte (North fortress) back towards the bottom.


Duración: Aprox. 6 Hs.

Difficulty: intermediate

Bring the necessary extras! (backpacks, hats, water bottles).



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